1874: Born on the 11th of May at Galtafell farm. The son of Gróa Einarsdóttir and Jón Bjarnason

1888:   First communion at Hrepphóla church.

1889:   Visited Reykjavík for the first time. Went to the parliament building and saw a gallery of paintings for the first time.

1891:   Moved to Reykjavik. Studied at the commercial school Hermes and was tutored in English and drawing by Torhildur Hólm

1893:   Sailed to Copenhagen and studied wood carving for a while with Sophus Petersen and C.B. Hansen.

1894-96: Was a student of Norwegian sculptor Stephan Sinding. Took evening classes at the Tekniske Selskabs school and studied drawing at the school of Gustav and Sophus Vermehren.

1897-99: Studied at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen.

1901:   Presented his piece The Outlaws at the spring show at Charlottenborg.

1902:   Went to Rome and lived there for over a year. Spent time in Berlin, Dresden, Munchen, Vienna and Florens

1903:   Showed the piece Man and Woman at an art show in Das Kunstlerhaüs in Vienna.

1905:   Took part in the shows of Die Frie Billedhuggere every year until 1909.

1906:   The craftsman association hires him to make a statue of Ingólfur Arnarson

1907:   The statue of poet Jónas Hallgrímsson unveiled in Reykjavík.

Jón Sigurðsson unveiled1909:   Offers the Icelandic state all of his works in return for their transfer and safekeeping.

1909-10: Lives in Berlin

1911:   The statue of Independence hero Jón Sigurðsson unveiled.

1912:   Lived for two months in London. Also lived for a short while in Berlin and Amsterdam.

1914:   The Icelandic parliament agrees to pay for the transport of his works from Copenhagen.

1914-17: Lives in Iceland.

1915:  The statue of king Christian IX unveiled in Reykjavík.

1916:   Construction on the museum building starts.

1917:   Marries Anna Jörgensen (1885-1975). They sail to America In Americawhere Einar works on the statue of Þorfinnur Karlsefni.

1919:   Goes to Copenhagen to oversee the transportation of his works to Iceland.

1920:   Moves to Iceland

1923:   The Einar Jónsson art museum is opened.

1924:   The statue of the settler Ingólfur Arnarson unveiled at Arnarhóll in Reykjavík. Is presented with the Knights Cross of the Icelandic order of the Falcon.

1930:   Honorary Professor at the University of Iceland

1931:   A statue of the politician and poet Hannes Hafstein unveiled.

1936:  Awarded the Commanders Cross of the Icelandic order of the Falcon.

1944:   The autobiography and his opinions on art are published. Awarded the Grand Cross of the Icelandic order of the Falcon.

1947:   Awarded the Grand Cross of the Norwegian St. Olav order for his work as an artist. Awarded the Prins Eugen honorary medal for his work as an artist.

1954:   Passed away on the 18th of October and later buried at Hrepphólar in Árnessýsla.